Awe inspiring underwater structure built in Minecraft

Ocean monuments are among the most difficult Minecraft structures. It's difficult to mine (the Elder Guardian also gives Mining Fatigue) and it can cause trouble breathing. It's not easy for the mobs to get around.

Although Potions of Water Breathing can alleviate the problem of breathing, it is still difficult to penetrate and loot ocean monuments. This is why it is so impressive when players renovate them or make them a base. A Minecraft Redditor did the same impressively.

Minecraft Redditor creates a massive base from an ocean monument

Removing water is one of the most challenging aspects of building an ocean monument. You have two options, and they are both extremely tedious.

Redditor stumbled upon an ocean monument. It's not clear how long they spent.

The Minecraft player spent a lot of time exploring the ocean monument. But they went one step further. Below the monument, there is another level where a shipwreck and beacon can be found.

It's clear that this project took a long time. The player is likely to continue with the task. Redditor says they have mined around a million blocks to support this project.

This post has been live for over 10 hours now and has already received well more than 10 000 upvotes. It is one of the most impressive builds I've seen in recent memory. The community concurs, leaving many awestruck comments.

These types of builds require a lot of time and effort, which many players can't even comprehend. This particular ocean monument base has been one of the most difficult to build, and it deserves all the praise it has received.