Best trades in Minecraft

13 January, 2023

Best trades in Minecraft

Trading in Minecraft is an acquired skill. To maximize profit, players must be able to manage their emeralds and materials.

Keep this in mind when you think of Minecraft villager trades.

To maximize their chances of earning emeralds and get the most out of their trades, players would be smart to remember which trades are best to make. It's not difficult to find the best trades.

5) Rotten Flesh for Emeralds (Cleric)

Minecraft's novice-level cleric villager can make profit from rotten flesh. These villagers will accept 32 pieces of rotten flesh in exchange for one emerald.

Although it may seem like a lot of flesh to one emerald at first, anyone who has created a mob-farm will quickly see how much it can cost.

Rotten flesh is not a good food item and can be obtained emeralds to make it better. However, players with active mob farms have access to a free source of emeralds.

If a player runs out of emeralds, it's a good idea to use rotten flesh. Kill a few zombies by waiting until night. After a while, the rotten flesh can really start to pile up.

4) Gold for Emeralds, (Cleric).

If players have a gold farm, this trade is very useful. Three gold ingots will be given to apprentice-level cleric villager for each emerald.

One of the most accessible ores in Minecraft is gold. It should not be difficult to obtain sufficient gold to enable trades.

This is particularly true for players who have built a gold farm. It is an easy way to accumulate a large number of emeralds with very little effort.

3) Name Tags with Emeralds (Librarian).

Name tags are very rare in Minecraft. They are usually only available in vanilla via loot chests.

Master-level librarian villager are happy to trade name tags in exchange for 20 emeralds. This is a great deal considering the rarity and usefulness of name tags in the creation of farms.

Name tags were not renewable before these trades. Minecraft players now have a reliable source for name tags, and it's not necessary to pillage or plunder multiple structures across the Overworld.

2) Stone for Emeralds (Mason)

The stone mason villager, once it has reached the apprentice rank, is an excellent option for Minecraft players looking to get easy emeralds. Mason villagers give one emerald for every 20 stone blocks.

Players who manage to cure a zombie villager by making it a stone mason will receive trade discounts. Players can trade one stone block to one emerald.

A ton of emeralds could be traded quickly for the simple act of buying a lot of stone blocks. These stones are extremely easy to find.

1) Diamond Gear for Emeralds (Armorer/Waitsmith, Toolsmith).

Players don't have to mine for enough emeralds to make diamond gear in Minecraft.

For emeralds, master-level toolsmiths, armorers, or weaponsmiths will pay for diamond weapons, armor, or tools. These enchanted pieces can be purchased for as little as a few emeralds if players are able to obtain the best discounts on these items.

What's a handful of emeralds worth for an entire range of enchanted, diamond gear? It would be difficult for Minecraft players not to accept this offer.