Futuristic ideas for Minecraft

21 December, 2022

Futuristic ideas for Minecraft

There are many different types of Minecraft house designs. There are many different styles of Minecraft houses that players can choose from.

The most popular Minecraft house style among players since its inception has been the futuristic home. These houses, as the name implies, are built on speculation about what future homes might look like.

These houses often have clever designs and advanced technology.

If you are interested in building a futuristic home in Minecraft, check out these tutorials. They show you how to make five of the most stunning futuristic houses.

5) Fururistic Modern House

First, a simple design by "Greg Builders", a popular Minecraft YouTuber. This design is modular and features several rooms and lounges that are built in an unconventional and futuristic way.

This build is quite affordable with its quartz exterior. Players who have difficulty gathering enough quartz blocks can opt for white concrete blocks, which creates a nearly identical look.

4) Futuristic Pistonhouse

This video features the blueprints of a futuristic, intelligent house designed by Minecraft YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo.

The advanced automation makes this house stand out despite its simple exterior. This home uses pistons to automate mundane tasks such as base defense, automated doors, and smelting.

3) Ultra Modern House

Popular Minecraft YouTuber WiderDude Tutorials showcases the most fun and futuristic Minecraft house design tutorial.

It has two floors that are connected in an unconventional way. The central staircase extends through the entire building.

This build requires mainly wood, stained glass, quartz, and stained glass. It also makes use of vertical spacing which is a great option for Minecraft survival servers that have limited space due to server building restrictions.

2) Futuristic modern house featuring a water slide

This video tutorial by Minecraft YouTuber "TSMC", features a futuristic house with water slides and glass tunnels.

Even though it is not the most elegant build, color can make a house stand apart from the rest. This unique design is playful and tasteful, making it both memorable and instantly recognisable.

This build, as with many other flashy things in life comes at a price and will not be affordable for all players, especially those who are just starting out in the game. Only late-game survival players can afford the large number of clay and concrete blocks required to build this house.

1) A futuristic, modern and realistic mansion

Last but not least, Minecraft YouTuber A1MOSTADDICTED MINERCRAFT demonstrates how to build a futuristic Minecraft mansion.

This is the largest build on the list. It features a futuristic, large building that can be divided into multiple sections. This mansion is just like any other. It has a lot of nice features such as an indoor farm, a pool and an outdoor dining area with seating.

This design is very resource-friendly, so gamers will be happy to learn that it doesn't cost much other than a bit of quartz and stone.