Installing Minecraft mods, the easy way

Servers for Minecraft are a great way to play multiplayer and they remain very popular. Minecraft multiplayer server has the advantage of being modifiable.

Server administrators can choose and install their favourite mods to their server. This guide will help you add mods to your Minecraft server.

The easiest way to install mods onto a Minecraft server

Players will need a server that supports the mods they wish to install. This could be a Forge server, or another fork like a Sponge.

A simple Forge server will serve as the basis of this tutorial. If players feel adventurous, they may install anything they want.

Step 1: Install Forge server software

Downloading the Forge server software is the first step to installing mods on a Minecraft server. You can find it here.

Once the file has been downloaded, players will be able to run the installer to install the server to a particular directory.

Step 2: Accept EULA, and start server

Once players have chosen to install the forge server they should be able find the newly generated.jar file in the path that was specified in the previous step.

To start the server, players will need to double-click this.jar file. Once this is complete, an EULA.txt file will be generated. Players will need to accept the file by changing "eula=false” to "eula=true". The server can then be restarted.

Step 3: Download the mod

Players must prepare a mod before installing it. You can find the top mods for Minecraft 1.18 here.

Step 4: Install your mod

After a mod is selected, players can download it by navigating to the "mods" folder. This folder should have been created when the server started in the second stage.

All players have to do once they are inside the mods directory is drag and drop the mod you want into the folder. You can install multiple mods in this folder using the same process.

Step 5: Launch the server

Now players need to reboot the server with the mod enabled. If the server has been online for some time, it will need to be restarted.