Minecraft preview

The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta program allows interested Minecraft players to see what's next in the legendary survival game by Mojang Studios. The current beta version has several limitations, such as being restricted to certain platforms and preventing players from simultaneously enjoying the official Minecraft release. Mojang Studios has announced Minecraft Preview on Monday. This will eventually replace the entire older beta program.

Minecraft Preview will be an independent game from Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It will be available on more platforms than the existing beta program which is limited to Android, Windows, Xbox and Windows. This means players can participate in early Minecraft releases and the official Minecraft version on the same device. The current beta program requires you to enroll and unenroll to move back and forth.

Mojang Studios has released Minecraft Preview for iOS and Windows devices. This is the first time that early builds of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are available for iOS devices. This should allow for a large number of players to play on their smartphones or tablets. Minecraft Preview will eventually be available on other Minecraft: Bedrock Edition platforms. This means that even PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Switch users may be able participate in testing the upcoming updates to one your favorite Xbox games.

Minecraft Preview will be available through iOS TestFlight. This means that only a few spots will remain for players to sign-up. Minecraft Preview on Windows and Xbox will be available for free to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition users. It will also be included in the Minecraft Launcher, PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass. Minecraft Preview won't have features like Realms and cross-play, the Minecraft Marketplace, or Achievements. It's basically the old beta program, but it's been spun out into a new game.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will still receive the normal beta builds, but Minecraft Preview will eventually replace it as an easier and more convenient way to explore the future of Minecraft. Future content updates such as The Wild Update are included in this plan. They will arrive later in 2022. Many minecraft servers are already preparing for it to hit the stores.

To get Minecraft Preview for iOS, players can sign up right away. Windows will follow shortly. Xbox and other platforms will be available later in the year. The old Minecraft Preview beta program will be removed once Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is made available.