Top prison servers

Prison Servers in Minecraft prove to be a popular option amongst players. The premise of a Prison Server would be to start from scratch and work your way from Prison. However, the means of doing that changes from server to server.

Typically, this involves a critical mill, such as mining, woodcutting, or any other insistent kind of harnessing resources. You can then sell your earned resources for Money, which lets you rank up to advance and work towards 'Freedom.'

All in all, Prison servers center around working towards a target in a gritty style a strong allure amongst the community who enjoy it.

This guide is going to break down the top servers in Minecraft Java Edition, taking into consideration host recognition, player traffic, unique attributes, and total enjoyment.

Blaze Gaming

Blaze gaming is a wonderful community of Pixelmon players. Be sure to check out their newly published Egyptian teaser mode, a completely new take on the Prison Server encounter.

They also host Survival and Skyblock servers. com

Complex Gaming

Aside from a superb Prison server, Sophisticated Gaming also offers server modes ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Factions, and Creative. They supply a superb Minecraft encounter, backed by a loyal player base. com


Welcome to OP Prison, in which the aim is to mine, rank up, prestige, and compete to become the strangest captive amongst fellow inmates.

Players start with an Inmate Kit, in which you may start mining blocks to move up the ranks.

A special characteristic of OP Prison is the Gangs attribute a method to group up with fellow inmates to achieve common goals.


Practice the advantage of choosing how you want to perform in MineHeroes Prison. Upon acquiring rank Z, you're presented with the choice of prestige.

During your Prison journey, you can create a cell for player storage and shops. A couple of gameplay attributes include Enchant Coins, Custom Enchants, and MineCrates.


ManaCube features the prison mode known as Olympus, where players mine, farm, and build to progress. In Olympus, you start as a servant, intending to position into a Titan.

Once attained, you can do one of thirteen rebirths motivated by Greek Castle.


Experience the first-ever traditional aquatic Prison experience in MCPrison, which showcases a couple of features like Backpack enhancements, Gemstones, Private Mines, Buff Stations, to name a couple.


Proving as one of the very popular Prison servers, MineSuperior amasses tons of player traffic.

Best known for its exceptional gameplay along with the implementation of Tokens utilized to enchant things, such as Pickaxes, Axes, Swords, as well as Armour.


Besides their Prison manner, MineVille also hosts a Survival and Skyblock style.

MineVille is famous for its routine updates and extensive content, such as custom Enchantments, Crates, Chests, Races, plus much more.


OPBlocks showcases a high-quality Prison server which highlights loads of special content, a friendly neighborhood, and staff.

They feature the original Candy Prison, a candy-themed model of OP Prison, a riot amongst players.


Purple Prison is a server dedicated to solid gameplay.

Features include custom plugins, voting and ranking rewards, excess of loot, a balanced market, and consistent challenges that are constantly fresh and unique.